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What Is A Church Page?

CHURCH PAGES are the future of online ministry content, church photos, event videos and other kinds of online Christian information for your audiences from around the world.  We provide an easy and fast way for you to connect with people, while allowing them to use your prayer request email, your donation sections, event calendar box and more!  The best part?  It's all affordable!

Never pay thousands of dollars for website setups or monthly hosting fees.  Send us all of the information that you want included on your personal Church Page and we'll personalize it to meet your needs.  Your site visitors will be able to view your customized page with their smart device or with their desktop computers.   For a limited time, all features listed below are standard! 

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Get Your Message Out

Church Page Details

Tell us what your ministry's mission statement is, foundational scriptures and other important information.  We'll include it all on your Church Page!

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Social Media Links Included

Included Features

- Up to (25) Ministry Photos

- Up to (7) Ministry / YouTube Videos

- Quarterly Revisions / Updates

- Professional Media Gallery Styles


Introduce Your Team

Free Setup | Low Cost

Spotlight the leadership and/or staff that runs the ministry.  We of course give God all glory but we also acknowledge the ministry workers.

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Connect With People

Prayer Requests

Does prayer change things?  Yes!  That's why your Church Page will come with a prayer request form that sends info directly to your email.

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They'll Meet You There

Schedules & Events

This is the place to detail your service or events times and days.  You can tell your site visitors about what to expect from upcoming speakers.

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Never Miss Online Gifts

Online Giving

It's easy and safe to receive support from anyone in the world, any time of day.  Your own secure donate button will allow you to do this!


Free Sign Up / Cancel Anytime

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Get your message out there today so that the world can be blessed by your ministry!  Advertise your ministry photos, videos, special programs, social media links and more.  Receive online donations and prayer requests.  Get your Church Page today!

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For (2021) Church Page Members

Inspire(8) Social Network

We are currently developing a social media network that will help people to overcome various difficult areas of life like depression, addiction, failed relationships and more!

To participate text INSPIRE to:  (713) 909-4816

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