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Sandra Taylor, Owner

Use this section to spotlight the owner(s) of this business.  Keep it brief only introducing yourself and assuring your clients that they will receive great service from you and your team.  You may also list a few achievements that will add to your client's comfort level but do not be boastful.  This first impression lets the client connect with you!

Breaking The Ice:

Optional:  Utilize this section to connect with your client on a more personal level.  Ask about them about an good or funny experience they've had while receiving a service that you offer.  Ask for their permission to use it to encourage others on your social media platform.

Our Services And Pricing

Prices are subject to change and photos are representative only

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Meet Our Team

If you have employees then please take a moment to quickly highlight them.  Make sure that you list their experience and their dedication to their work.  If you do not have a team, we can list people that have helped your business succeed. 

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My Social Media







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Current Specials

1)  For a limited time, schedule two appointments each month and get a third session free!  

2)  Also, refer a client session to us and get 5% off your next visit!

* Just examples above.


Photos (50+)

This is your time to shine and show how great your work really is.  We will put several photos of your clients here to showcase your amazing skills!


Visual testimonials are often the best way to attract potential clients.  We will be able to add videos as well to this section if your clients would like to speak about their approval.

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Let's Book Your Appointment!!!

You now have the option of being serviced at our storefront located at 123 Anywhere St in Houston, Texas or if you choose, we can come to you.  When we confirm your booking we will finalize the length of time for service, the cost, and where we will meet.

Normal Availability:  Monday - Thursday 10am to 5pm and also Saturday 9am to 7pm.

Payments:  CashApp $ThxForBiz  or Zelle and deposit is required.

Hair Booking
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